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Fils Investments Ltd

With deep experience in software engineering, we provide a wide range of consulting services undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your existing system, mapping out your plan on the introduction of new components, and guiding you in the complex software world

Fils Investments Ltd

We specialise in developing innovative new products and technology through a blend of design creativity and engineering excellence. With a highly experienced product design team, who really understand materials and manufacturing, we carefully manage the entire development process to deliver market leading products, medical devices and equipment for our client's companies.

Fils Investments Ltd

We are not just problem solvers, we are enablers of data and analytics transformations. We help organizations, both big and small, buck age-old trends and create demonstrated value in whatever they're doing—all on a bedrock of robust data and analytics transformations.

Fils Investments Ltd

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain. Built to be resilient, smarter supply chains adapt when facing disruptions. They can scale to meet new demand as customer needs change. They are more reliable and designed to build trust between you and your customers.

Fils Investments Ltd

Intelligent solutions for additive manufacturing, micro processes and special applications. 3D laser metal deposition with proprietary scan / toolpath generation technology. Unique Products. Advanced Technology. High Performance Hardware. Integrated Solutions.

Fils Investments Ltd

From custom firmware and low-level coding to building quality user interfaces and solving connectivity challenges. We are the ideal embedded software partner. Delivering high-quality embedded software solutions across medical, industrial, scientific, automotive, agritech, and aerospace.


We're so far ahead, that when we take a break and look back, we see the future...

We build solutions

Fils Investments is an outstanding information technology company with an elite team focusing on products such as business application while constantly evaluating new exciting opportunities. At Fils Investments we work with our patent proprietary library as well as with cutting edge technologies to provide our clients with the best available services on the market.


Laser Cutting software solution.


Big Data Management Software.


Biomedical Engineering Devices.




Supply Chain software solution.


Evolved code for Mobile Gaming.


Block chain System.


Unique Patents.

3D Laser Cutting

Fils Investments industrial software division has as its flagship product the laser guide software which finds its applications all the way from the steel to the fashion industry.

Supply Chain

Our top class procurement management software allows you to have full transparency over the purchasing process of your company.


Fils Investments is a polyhedric company and as such does not preclude any possibilities. This philosophy is our approach to efficiently work with highly regulated industries and complex mathematical engined products. We supply some of the most important online mass entertainment companies with ludic products and our payment support software to run their activities.


Our latest industrial software development includes a Laser cutting software solution. It provides to sheet metal working companies and manufacturers a laser cutting technology with an innovative solution able to work on 2D and 3D surfaces and Tube on 4 / 5 / 6 axes up to 256 axes. act/cut CAM technology optimizes the use of materials, reduces cycle times and ensures superior quality of manufactured parts. This technology is functional for the end user and easy to incorporate into existing working environments. Designed to support all processes involved in laser cutting, Fils Investments laser cutting software is a global and effective solution used by our customers worldwide.


Take advantage of our expertise to grow your business

Complex tools require a deep knowledge of the working environment to ensure compliance and performance enabling an effective improvement on internal workflows and tasks. At Fils we consider Automation a key success factor, which is why we work hard on new patent development to have lean industrial processes and to comply with heavy regulated markets increasing safety, process reliability and scalability. Fils Investments has strong capabilities in business transformation and technology implementation owning the know how of a world-class digital agency. Fils defines a clever digital strategy to design and build your mobile and online presence moving from a digital concept to a digital reality increasing the impact on your organisation, customers and employees. Ad campaigns are important to increase brand awareness and profit for every kind of business. Every sector has its needs. We put our focus on campaign design helping our clients segmenting and targeting the right customers at the right time and place to drive their sales of products and services. We provide end to end campaign planning to ensure client engagement and budget effective Ad-inventory purchases.

Software has evolved through the years from programs placed on discs to now nearly immediate access through online activation.

In the past, traditional software companies produced software programs sold to consumers through a disc that required purchase time and installation.

In the modern day, thanks to the internet and cloud technology, customers can now gain immediate access to a software installation upon purchase.

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