Providing actionable counsel to drive business transformation. The digital expectations of customers and citizens is profoundly transforming how business is done. Fils™ business consultants work alongside clients as trusted advisors, helping them navigate the changes to become digital enterprises.


Creating seamless connections for the end-to-end digital integration enterprise. Leading organizations count on Fils™ systems integration consultant services to enable seamless and secure experiences for their customers and citizens, from the back office through to the front office.


Maximizing the value of your business applications. Our end-to-end services provide industry and technology expertise, solutions, frameworks and tooling to enable our clients to drive business agility, competitive advantage, transformation and cost efficiencies.


A business driver for value creation. IT outsourcing is a core competency of Fils™ and a key business enabler for our clients. Founded on an outcome-based model, our IT outsourcing services deliver efficiency improvements and cost savings, allowing clients to reinvest and drive their business transformation.


Know-how to succeed. Everytime, we’ve worked side-by-side with clients to solve complex business challenges. Ask us about the Fils™ Client Global Insights and our latest thought leadership for perspectives on how we can navigate, together, through the unprecedented and unpredictable.

Primary Services


Innovation at Fils™

To thrive in the digital world, enterprises must operate in an agile manner, and continuously unlock innovation at pace and scale. Because successful digital strategies rely on people and culture as much as technology, the foundation of Fils™’s innovation approach is our proximity to clients.


Helping clients innovate the customer and employee experience

Fils™ helps communications and media companies accelerate innovation to transform business models, improve the customer and employee experience, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs.


Integrated supply chain planning, visibility and response

Unify your supply chain planning. Using a single planning platform, Fils™ streamlines processes, breaks down silos and lets you plan concurrently for every part of your supply chain – from sales and operations planning (S&OP) to demand, inventory, supply, capacity, machine learning and more. The result? Happier customers, lower costs and less risk.

Make more profitable supply chain decisions. Fils™ brings your data, processes and people into alignment. Our concurrent planning technique takes you beyond the disconnected, cascaded processes of the past so you can manage today's supply chain volatility. Know sooner. Act Faster. And make more profitable decisions.

Web Content Management (WCM)

Fils™ solutions are open, flexible, and connected platform to solve the next generation of digital experience challenges faced by marketers and business managers. Fils™ WCM brings together content, process, and applications to create and deliver optimized and personalized multi-channel interactions across the full customer journey, from awareness to purchase to advocacy and recommendation.

Create and deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across multiple touch points with this solution built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented web applications.

Customer Experience Analytics Software

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Fils™ Experience Analytics is scalable analytics, reporting and data visualization software that enables teams to design, deploy and manage secure, interactive web applications, reports and dashboards fed by multiple data sources. It provides users with information and data exploration as part of their day-to-day experiences across data sources.

Fils™ Analytics features

Personalize and share customized analytics reports, dashboards, charts, graphs and more through multiple devices to help easily visualize the customer journey. Get the flexibility to create reports and dashboards on demand or on a preset schedule.

Use self-service capabilities to create and customize dashboards and reports quickly, without IT support. Modify and save reports based on their individual needs and preferences.

Get insight into past customer actions to help determine what customers will do today and tomorrow. Make more informed decisions based on future opportunities with predictive analytics capabilities.

Identify target customer segments with precision and accuracy to help determine the most profitable markets and uncover insights into customer behaviors.

Explore data using interactive features, such as drill-downs, sorting, filtering, aggregating and grouping, as well as HTML5-based graphics and charts.

Protect application data with layered, built-in security or using the existing IT security infrastructure to secure Experience Analytics content via API integration.

Our Skills

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